ArtRoot organized the first ArtsMIxer in the fall of 2014. Since then, we have hosted ArtsMixers at various local venues every six months. The purpose of the ArtsMixers is to offer networking opportunities and encourage collaborations among area creatives.

New projects and connections that benefit local artists and organizations have emerged from the ArtsMixers:

  • Origins of Hip Hop, an event that takes place each summer in downtown Racine, hosted a special event at UW Parkside in the spring of 2016 thanks to connections made between the event’s organizer and Parkside’s Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities.
  • After meeting at a Mixer in 2015, the coordinator of the Racine Arts Council’s Art Start program partnered with an art instructor from RUSD’s Racine Alternative Education program to develop a cultural arts tour of Chicago that rewards art students in the RAE program who demonstrate academic and behavioral progress.
  • Two local graphic designers connected with representatives from the Racine Art Museum and Get Behind the Arts, resulting in new design projects. One of the designers also participated in the development of the new Racine County flag design due to connections made at the Mixers.
  • A trio of musicians that performed at one of the Mixers was invited to return to George’s, the venue where some of the mixers have taken place, for additional performances.
  • The Director of Racine Revitalization Partnership connected with a local artist at the Spring 2017 ArtsMixer, and they partnered to initiate The Vital Art Project in Uptown Racine.
  • After meeting the owner of The Branch at the Fall 2017 ArtsMixer, a local artist developed a two-person exhibition for the venue.