Current Projects

In 2018, we are pursuing the following projects:

  • In partnership with Ask Me Why I Love Racine and UW Parkside, complete the inaugural mural in the Wall Poems of Racine project. Each wall poem will spotlight poetry by a local writer. UW Parkside graphic design students will integrate the text into a mural that will be painted on a building in Racine.
  • Create an ArtRoot Welcome Wagon to introduce creatives moving to Racine to the local arts community.
  • Work with Visioning a Greater Racine to begin realizing arts and culture projects identified as priorities through the visioning process.
  • Incorporate ArtRoot as a 501(c)(3) organization to enable us to expand the range of services we provide to the arts community.
  • Continue to organize ArtsMixers for Racine’s creative community.