Wall Poems of Racine

View of completed Wall Poems of Racine #1
Wall Poems of Racine #1. Photo by Rene Amado

The Wall Poems of Racine is an ArtRoot project in collaboration with UW Parkside, Ask Me Why I Love Racine, Bonk! and the Racine Public Library.  The project celebrates local literary talent by pairing an excerpt from a poem written by a Racine poet with a design created by a student from Carey Watters‘ advanced graphic design class at UW Parkside.

The first wall poem features an excerpt from Aaron Lundquist‘s poem, We Are The Monsters. Laura Hauter created the design, which was painted on the building by Dean Tawwater of Tawwater Sign Company. It is located in the 1400 block of 16th Street on the south facade of the Great Lakes Warehousing building.

Funding for this first wall poem comes from the Racine Arts Council’s ArtSeed grant program, Circa Celeste Cafe, Rob Osborne and Vera Scekic. Tom Barnhill, owner of the Great Lakes Warehousing building, donated the wall space. Bob Yuhas of RPY Architecture generated the site elevation drawings.